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We are a team of institutional investing, technology, data and design experts representing 16 countries combining our experience from over a dozen institutions (including Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and Deutsche Bank). We're on a shared mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable investing.
Sustainability means treating the earth as though we intend to stay here.
Claire Quigley
Relationship Management
Sustainability requires intentionality, mindfulness and forethought; it means prioritizing long-term impact over short-term gains.
Jennie LaCourt
People Operations
Sustainability is making decisions with my daughters' future in mind.
Alex Laipple
Relationship Management
Sustainability means having an active awareness of my impact in the world.
Sarah Donnelly Patel
Sustainability to me means facilitating a deep appreciation of the long-term interests of all living things.
Doug Scott
Sustainability to me means building a livable future for our future generations and make the world a better place for everyone on this planet, regardless of gender, race or social status.
Michelle Sze
Sustainability is balancing competing interests for the greater good.
Johny Mair
To me, sustainability means kindness to people and the planet on behalf of our generation and generations to follow.
Kelly Mahoney
Relationship Management
Humans have the power to change the course of this planet's future. It's our responsibility to leave a better planet for future generations.
Shah Mohammed
Sustainability is empathy—learning what's needed (and not needed) to take care of yourself so that ultimately you can take better care of the world.
Sara Blake
Sustainability's just another word for playing the long game.
Travis Korte
Data Science
To me sustainability means saving the planet!
Kamel Bouraoui
Every decision you make has a positive or negative impact. Sustainability is ensuring your actions are making a positive impact on your surroundings.
Anthony Marcozzi
Relationship Management
Sustainability means understanding the lifetime cost associated with today's decisions.
Amanda Baker
Relationship Management
Sustainability is thoughtfulness in the present arising from respect and awareness for the future.
Alex Papageorgis
Quantitative Investments
Sustainability is connecting humans to share each other's struggles and triumphs.
Rebecca Hu
Sustainability is intertwined with how much effort you put in towards understanding the problems in our world. Then, asking what is your contribution?
Reynaldo Olivo
Sustainability to me is the well-being of people, without distinction, being the highest priority in all aspects of society and economy. If present and future human well-being is the chief metric of success, sustainable choices should come naturally.
André Morgan
Sustainability means having radical kindness for the world and for yourself.
Aleks Itskovich
Sustainability is awareness of our decisions and their impacts. It is doing everything in my power to ensure tomorrow is a better place than it is today. It is treating others the way I would like to be treated and influencing those around me to do the same. It is taking a stand, advocating for those without a voice, and pushing for positive change until it becomes socially unacceptable to do otherwise.
Christine Galeon
Investment Operations
Sustainability for me is doing what we can do today for the future generations as well as our future selves.
Shusuke Yamazaki
For me, sustainability is all about intentionality. It is taking personal responsibility for my impact on the world.
Corinne Merriman
Relationship Management
Sustainability means honoring the relationship we have with the world around us, natural and human, and striving to respect that world so we can come as close as possible to leaving it better than how we found it.
Jay Lipman
Sustainable investing means we have hope. We're going to win this race by saving what we love.
Jane Lee
Quantitative Investments
Sustainability is our self organization, our determination and our ability to change our self faster as the world is changing.
Andrii Zhuk
Sustainability to me means using the tools right in front of us to do our part in creating a better future.
Will Maher
Relationship Management
Sustainability for me is what unites all of nations and allows us to introduce peace and the improvement of our world.
Slava Zhabytskyi
Sustainability to me is a mastery to care about your home and family at any scale up to the whole planet and all life on it.
Andriy Chuma
To me, sustainability means living in harmony with our natural world and acting with respect for future generations.
Ashley Rivera
Sustainability means always looking to improve, do better, be better and be mindful of others. It's making thoughtful choices that will have a positive impact on the future of my family, my friends, the environment and society.
Diogo Rodrigues
To me, sustainability means showing gratefulness for the incredible world we inhabit and the diverse life that preserves it. Slowing down and understanding how much we rely on each other has a big effect on our actions.
Kellen Parker
Sustainability is the recognition that we exist as one part of a greater, complex system. Living sustainably means taking ownership of each of our action's various outcomes.
Stuart Maeder
Relationship Management
Sustainability is when everyone benefits at the expense of no one.
Keisuke Omi
Sustainability means I will live my life today to pave the way for a better life tomorrow.
Liz Alexander
Investment Operations
Sustainability is appreciating ourselves and the marvels that we’ve achieved as a species while also understanding that that there has to be a balance between innovation, philanthropy, and conservation in order for our prosperity to continue. Building the future and keeping the past alive are one and the same.
DJ Gordon-Taylor
To me, sustainability represents the interconnectedness of our actions and inactions with our environment, society, and economy. It’s about having awareness around that connectivity and taking action in a way that creates a better future.
Joel Beauchamp
Relationship Management
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