We believe in a future where all investing is sustainable investing.
Ethic is a tech-driven asset manager that powers the creation of sustainable investment portfolios. We build separately managed accounts (SMAs) optimized to track the market, align with one’s investment allocation, and outperform on a client’s chosen sustainability criteria.
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Justin Rockefeller
Global Director
Dr. Ashby Monk
Executive Director
Stanford Global Projects Center
Peter Knight
Founding Partner
Generation Investment Management
Jennifer Grancio
Fmr. Head of Business Development & CMO
BlackRock iShares
John-Austin Saviano
Fmr. Chief Investment Officer
UC Berkeley Endowment
Valerie Mosley
Fmr. SVP and Investment Strategist
Wellington Management
Ross Hikida
Fmr. Chief Executive Officer
Barclays Global Investors (Japan)
Will Britten
Fmr. Chief Executive Officer
Barclays Global Investors (Australia)
Francis Enderle
Fmr. Chief Investment Officer
Barclays Global Investors (GIMG)
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Our founders
Founded in late 2015 by Johny Mair, Doug Scott and Jay Lipman, Ethic seeks to accelerate the transition to a sustainable investing future by bringing together two traditionally separate communities: sustainability and institutional quantitative finance. Read our story in an interview with our founders.
Ethic founders
Jay Lipman, left, Doug Scott, center, Johny Mair, right
Ethic founders, Jay Lipman, left, Doug Scott, center, Johny Mair, right
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